Joshila MFS Capusle

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Abharaka Bhasma 2%W/w
kanta lauha 3%w/w
Goksura 9%w/w
Asvagandha 50%w/w
Keshar 1%w/w


Joshila MFS is an ayurvedic sex power capsle for man

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Joshila MFS is an ayurvedic sex power capsule for men that is specifically formulated with herbs like shudh Shilajit,gokhru, Ashwagandha, swet musli etc. that are known to enhance vigor and vitality in males.This Ayurvedic sex capsule is known to be effective in improving overall stamina and energy in males.This product is a blend of as many as 25 choicest herbs which helps in long time romance.
Abharaka Bhasma2%W/w
kanta lauha3%w/w
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